A Statement of Intent

It’s time I started to give something back to Photography – a hobby, an interest and a passion – that over many years has given me so much, thanks to the contributions of countless people, numerous encounters, and an inquisitive mind and Eye.

I’m thinking of camera clubs that encouraged my development as a young photographer. Individuals who mentored me through the distinctions of the Royal Photographic Society. The exposure to the work of talented photographers at all levels over many years that has inspired me. The knowledge gained through reading books and magazines, and viewing galleries and exhibitions. And not forgetting the extraordinary power of the internet, and the capacity of the photographic blogging community to provide further inspiration through shared images, writing, knowledge, and support.

The wider and deeper our exposure to the Photography of others is, the more we learn, and the richer our grasp of the fundamentals of Photography becomes – both technically and artistically.

I’ve learnt, I continue to learn, and I know I will never stop learning. What I have learnt will eventually die with me unless I share it.  And it’s about time I started sharing some of what I have learnt, and my own thinking about the nature of the creative process that drives my Photography.

And that is why I’ve decided to start this blog.  I have no qualifications as a writer, nor could I call myself an authority or an expert. Expert I am not! What you will find here is simply what this blog’s sub-title states: ‘Observations from a visual journey’. Because that is exactly what life is like for a Photographer – it is a unique visual journey.


Travelling – from a moving train to London
Click to see a higher quality enlargement

I will write about the things I know, think and believe: what I call my Visual Philosophy; and my experiences, and sometimes my failures. I will explain my understanding of ‘A Seeing Eye’. How that Eye is shaped, focused and individual.  And particularly how we cultivate ‘A Seeing Eye’.

Occasionally I may even voice my concerns about the state of photography and where it is headed in this rapidly developing Digital world. And there will be plenty to write about that I haven’t even thought of writing about…yet.

These weekly observations will be, in essence, chapters in an on-line book – but chaotically collated, in no particular sequence.  If they were collated into a logical organized whole then like any book, the content would draw to an inevitable conclusion. And that would not seem right. Because my observations are from a journey that is on-going, whose destination will forever be unknown and un-reached. And that’s the fun of it. I have no idea what my photography will look like five years from now.


Travelling underground
Click image to see a higher
quality enlargement

Join me on this journey – sign up to subscribe, or bookmark the blog. Or just make sure you re-visit and join the debate. Add a comment – let’s have a discussion, because the topics I plan to write about will benefit from your input.

My other blog – LensScaper – will continue as an image-based blog with Posts twice a week.  What will be different about this blog is that it is the writing that will be the more important constituent and the images will be merely the illustrations.

My aim will be to Post every Friday. So, come back a week from now, for the next Post which will look at ‘FaCT’. And that’s an acronym – explanation next week!


21 thoughts on “A Statement of Intent

  1. Congratulations, Andy, on this new endeavor.

    Your comment “I know I will never stop learning” reminded me of my Aunt Elizabeth. She passed away in November; she would have been 95 this month. At her funeral, the minister said that, to the very end of her life, she read books on her Kindle. And that she was learning a new knitting technique, which she’d chosen specifically because it was hard to learn. I’m not generally inspired by what I hear at funerals, but those two stories about my aunt reminded me that I want to be the kind of old lady who is still learning, who embraces technology, who finds both joy and solace in learning, in embracing new things, in being an explorer..

    So, again, congratulations on your new journey. I look forward to next Friday. And the next one, and the next one….

    • That’s a lovely story, Melinda. I’m a firm believer that Ambition is not just for young people and I guess that learning could be regarded as ambition in disguise. Thank you for your kind words, it’s good to know you are on board for this visual journey.

      • Yeah, I’m with Melinda. Good luck with this new venture, Andy. For someone who says he can’t write, you’ve done quite well so far, with this post! I understood it! 😉
        PS: I was expecting iSighting to be related to iPhone/iPad imagery, for some reason…

        • Hi Janina, and thanks for your comment. iSighting was just a word that sounded Eye Catching (sorry, terrible pun). But if Apple want to use iSighting, then I might be prepared to relinquish it on payable of a large sum of money. LOL!

  2. Good for you, Andy…and good for us, as well. Your work and words have been an inspiration already, so I’m quite certain that this new venture will be equally as rewarding on this end. Wishing you well.

  3. This sounds very exciting on a number of different levels Andy !
    How lovely you can pass on some of your knowledge and experiences over the years to others via this new venture.
    I wish I’d discovered the joy of photography years ago … as it is I’m really just starting out so … Count me in for Fridays 😉

  4. Congrats on the new venture, Andy! Looking forward to the conversation, something that will benefit us all. Photography, as you’ve pointed out, is a continual journey, one which never reaches a conclusion.

    Much fun lies ahead and like you, I’m in for the long haul. 🙂

  5. Andy – I am really looking forward to this. I know it is going to be informative and useful for me from some of the really helpful comments you have made on my blog about composition and technique and so on. Fridays, or their adjacent weekends, have got more interesting!

    And, it is a terrific idea to give back to the photographic community. There aren’t many photographers who don’t owe a great deal to a great many other photographers. May the teaching and learning continue!

    • That’s very kind of you Ehpem. One of the joys of the on-line community is the interaction and the sharing of advice and opinions. This new venture provides a platform for something that is a little more focused and ‘Topic’ based.

  6. this sounds very promising Andy and as you know, the writing component is something I am doing as well – whether mine is poetry or just drivel, I enjoy the process and find it therapeutic, and of course I love to share my views, get others’ feedback, and see how we all progress on our individual journeys…best of luck here and looking forward to reading more!

    • I really appreciate that Jim. Thank you. I think we share very similar views on this. It’s going to be an interesting journey. I spent so long effectively as a Scientist that I suspect my creativity was starved of air for too long and now it’s enjoying a renaissance.

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